WAiF is grateful to the following souls for their faith

in the value of this project, since the very beginning: 

Leslie & Joe Armas

Laura Bach

Jessica Barbato

Bill and Monica Barbato

Beth Boucher

Christine Brouillard

Karyn Cameron

Franziska Carolin Stephan

Jim Cavallaro

Sandra Dong

Kari DuCott

Michael DuCott

Tracy Graham

Eileen Hargreaves

David Harris

Kathy Harris

Fonda Jett White

Martha Labell

Jonella Larson White

Barbara Margotta

Marcia Margotta

Jessica McGrath

Allison McLaughlin

Ellen Meadows

Melina Mon

Martin Neinstedt

Samantha Nelson

Aneudi Nunez

Somer O'Brien

Liz Owen

Kevin Pacheco

Jackson R. Pope III

Gail Rush and Alvan Long

Anitra Sapula

Katelyn Shelly

Jeremy Sherman

Nathan Yee

An online publication about movement, change, and identity. 

Migration is necessary. Polyculturalism is reality.

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