Issue 1  

 Spring 2018  



It begins with a pivot. A turning away from something that doesn’t feel right, or toward something that does. A desire for different, coupled with the realization that you do have a choice in the matter. Whatever the reason--health, survival, education, money, racism--going seems like an opportunity. And you have the will-power to do it.


Maybe it creeps up unconsciously, until a moment of awareness presents the ways and means for leaving. Like coming of age for college. Or the discovery of a Space Nation. You choose to plan your way through the change.


Maybe the moment didn't creep at all but instead hit unexpectedly--like the outbreak of civil war. Or a flood. Or a real estate agent. You choose to sort out the details later.

Maybe, you make the decision for someone else. For their benefit. Perhaps because they are too young to take the opportunity for themselves. You choose to believe that the benefits of the move will outweigh the search for identity they will face the rest of their life.

What you didn't choose was for your people and land to come with you. But they do anyway. Like silky threads magnetically clinging to each other; connected strings of energy that stretch and contort with time and space. In this, no one has a choice.

Thus we present to you the first issue of The WAiF Project, where we learn the choice to migrate comes from an empowered place. Where we choose to embark on the long process of deconstructing our relationships with the people and places around us, because we realize we can.

Adele Barbato, Founding Editor



By K. Eltinaé
From Sudan, currently in Granada, Spain
By Cassandra Smolcic
From rural Western Pennsylvania, USA, currently global
By Sonia Landman
From San Salvador, El Salvador, currently in Sacramento, CA, USA
By Henri Bensussen
From Los Angeles, CA, USA, currently in Santa Rosa, CA, USA
By Yuan Changming
From China, currently in Canada
By Kim Young Jin
From South Korea, currently in Singapore


Design: Adele Barbato

Photo Editors: Adele Barbato & Stacey Solie