W/here  A/m  iF/rom

WAiF is an online literary journal about movement and change. 


We offer a platform for people from all over the world--people who have moved homes and changed identities--to share their stories and find community among the growing, global polycultural populace.


WAiF envisions the collection of stories within this journal to be a growing, crowd-sourced

compendium about the human relationship between our homes, our identities, and how we engage with each another.

WAiF's mission is to foster frank, balanced, and challenging conversation about the necessity of migration and the reality of our polycultural world.



Adele Barbato, Editor and Founder

Adele is a writer and project manager working in the culture,  museums and , and  currently living and working in the Bay Area. She holds degrees in anthropology and world history, specializing in prehistoric human migration and 'new world' colonization. Her studies are fueled by a fascination with the ignorance and audacity of colonialism.

She is also a product of constant movement and change, having lived in numerous towns, cities, states, and countries since her first move at 5 years old.

Adele is the Collections Manager at The deYoung/Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and has worked within varied collections-based cultural institutions, including the upcoming Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (opening 2022), and the Peabody Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology at Harvard University.


She enjoys writing, thinking, and learning about change, home-based identity, greening collections management practices in museums, and how to let go of preserving humanity's material culture 'in perpetuity.' 

Stacey Solie, Co-Editor


Stacey Solie is a writer, journalist, and consummate mover, currently residing in Oakland, CA. She is the founder of her own Bay Area communications firm, helping NGOs and businesses tap into the power of their own stories. Stacey's reporting has appeared in The New York Times, The Seattle Times, The Daily Beast, The Point Reyes Light, Crosscut and The Weather Channel, among others outlets. She has presented or taught science writing at numerous venerable institutions, including the Natural Capital Symposium, University of Washington and The Nature Conservancy. Stacey appreciates stories that convey something about what it means to be human in this unique time, www.staceysolie.com.

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